It is announced by the profile of the castle and the ancient walls, the beautiful Monopoli , which is reflected in the Adriatic Sea and is 40 km from Bari .

In recent years it has become the most visited city in Puglia . Natural scenario of multiple films and fiction.

A unique and surprising coastline of a clean and swimmable sea. The coastal strip, about 13 kilometers long, is a stretch of white beaches and more lonely coves (over 55). On foot or by boat you can reach the coves so dear to the usual holiday makers. The water is transparent and irresistible. The cliffs are gentle and harmonious, suggestive full of ravines, gorges and escarpments.

Dozens of coves lend themselves to anchorage but there are some particularly beautiful ones like " Porto Bianco ", " Porto Rosso ", " Porto Paradiso "," Porto Camicia "," Porto Marzano "and then the wonderful cove" Verde "where you can enjoy magical glimmers moon. South of Monopoli the long beach is composed of fine, soft and golden sand, there are stretches of free beach and numerous bathing establishments.

The 99 districts towns stretch out on a flat territory, which is embraced at a glance from the splendid viewpoint of Loggia del Pilato , on the road to b> Selva di Fasano , a natural terrace overlooking a landscape characterized by fortified farms, churches, rock settlements and villas.

Monument symbol of the city is the Castle Carlo V , which winks from the promontory of Punta Penna , now home to exhibitions and conferences.

Monopoly can be visited by sea excursions by boat or you can visit over 99 districts and neighboring countries with electric bikes and historic cars . You can also food and wine tours to taste the typical local products.

For all this you do not exist to ask how.